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Ashford jr. 60 cigar humidor
In stock 
This humidor was our first Cigar Star classic and is still one of our best sellers still today. Its superior quality, unique and stylish look have an extremely classy design. Made with a Rich Dark Zebra wood exterior, that will fit in any decor! Mirror gloss finish on the outside & kiln dried...
Group: Air ionizers
Spanish cedar divider
In stock 
Spanish cedar dividers are a great way to separate your collection of cigars and keep the same cigar together inside a humidor that may have many brands of cigars. Most of us keep many cigars from all over the world together in the same humidor, it's best to keep them apart while storing them in...
Group: Partitions
Thin digital hygrometer and thermometer
In stock 
Cigar Star ultra thin, flat style digital hygrometer gives a clear and accurate reading every time! Digital LCD display. Unit includes a stand and battery. Double sided sticky tape on back of hygrometer for easy mounting! Can be used in any size humidor. Calibrated and ready to use. MEASURES:...
Group: Thermohygrometers
Black single cigar ashtray
In stock 
Flawless, stunning, unique black with 4 bevelled corners, handcrafted Cigar Ashtray. Incredible quality and style. Adds style to your stogie! This is an incredible single cigar ashtray. This ashtray has been handcrafted in beautiful Black matt finish detail, all 4 corners are bevelled to give the...
Group: Ashtrays
Cohiba 4inch wood cigar matches
In stock 
These matches are in an authentic collector box which is 4 inches long 1/2 inch wide. Has the complete COHIBA logo on both sides and the word COHIBA on the top. Includes 20 4" cigar matches.
Group: Matches for cigarettes
White pearl cigar punch
In stock 
This exquisite WHITE PEARL Cigar Punch is mounted on a keychain. When the butt of the punch is pressed down the spring loaded precision cutting blade locks to the cutting position. You then screw the punch blade slowly from side to side into the "head" or "tip" of your cigar until the blade...
Group: Knifes for cigars
Classy silver cigar star cutter
In stock 
These Cigar Star cigar cutters have an all Stainless Steel design with stainless steel body and handles. Its elegance compliments great premium cigars and adds style to your stogies. Each cigar cutter is completely made of Premium quality graded surgical stainless steel. Its self-sharpening double...
Group: Knifes for cigars
Red leather 2 cigar travel case
In stock 
This is a two slot solid Spanish cedar travel humidor which will accommodate two 50 ring gauge cigars up to 8 inches long. Red Leather with contrast white stitching exterior. The inside of this travel humidor is made completely from Kiln dried Spanish cedar both top and bottom. Top half has steel...
Group: Covers
Tropical humidity propylene glycol humidor solution
In stock 
TROPICAL HUMIDTY by Cigar Star offers the perfect humidification solution for your humidor. This solution consists of 50 propylene glycol and 50% distilled water and should only be applied to sponge-based humidifiers. Propylene glycol is a colourless and harmless liquid which has two favourable...
Group: Propylene glycol
Ultimate snake skin 3 cigar travel humidor
In stock 
Cigar Star® Stainless Steel 3 Cigar Total Travel Humidor, lined with Kiln dried Spanish cedar, with travel humidifier. Wrapped in elegant synthetic leather with a very classy & sophisticated look. This travel humidor has eye-catching appeal with the mirror finished S/S accents. This cigar...
Group: Humidors
Unique executive edge 4 drawer humidor
In stock 
UNIQUE 100 cigar total Executive Edge 4 Drawer Cigar Humidor is made of Bubinga wood and has a mirror gloss finish on the outside & Spanish cedar inlay on the inside. Cherry wood in colour, great design with the hygrometer placed on outside of humidor for easy reading. It will store up to...
Group: Wooden packing boxes
Analog hygrometer
In stock 
Analog Hygrometers are essential for letting you know what the relative humidity level is inside a humidor. Perfect for someone in need of a new hygrometer.
Group: Hygrometers


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